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#21: 犬を水に引きずり込む「ならず者カンガルー」、オーストラリア

犬を水に引きずり込む「ならず者カンガルー」、オーストラリア Rogue roo drags dog into water, Australia.
2009年11月23日 21:37 発信地:メルボルン/オーストラリア

On the outskirts of Melbourne (Australia), a rogue kangaroo, in addition to trying to drown a dog, also started to fiercely attack its owner (a man aged 49) when he went to the dog's rescue. This was announced on 23rd November by the hospital where the man received medical treatment.

The incident occurred in a dam close to Melbourne, the kangaroo attacked the man's dog and dragged it into the dam. The man, who jumped into the dam to rescue the dog, was violently scratched by the kangaroo. His face, eye and abdomen received deep lacerations, his chest and both hands also received many scratch injuries.

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#20: ポッドキャストから一寸やすみを取ります。

We will take a short holiday from the podcast.

This podcast episode is not the same as normal. There is no strange news article and no translation. Sorry about that.

Recently Judy and I have been very busy and so have not been able to make the normal blog and podcast. We are taking a family holiday next week, so the next one should be available in about 2 weeks time.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Regards Chris & Judy.


#19: ドライブ中に道に迷って600キロ、8時間走り続けた81歳男性

After getting lost whilst on a drive, an 81 year old man continues for 8 hours and 600km.

2009年11月19日 17:50 発信地:メルボルン/オーストラリア

【11 月19日 AFP】オーストラリアで16日、車で朝刊を買いに出た81歳の男性が道に迷い、警察に道を尋ねるまで実に8時間、距離にして600キロ近くを走り続けたという珍事件があった。
In Australia on 16 November a strange event happened. An 81 year old man, who took the car to buy the morning paper, got lost and actually did not stop driving for 8 hours which, in terms of distance, was close to 600km, before asking the police for directions.

When asked why he didn't stop the car at the point when he knew he was lost, his answer was "because I like to drive".

 エリック・スチュワード(Eric Steward)さんは、ニューサウスウェールズ(New South Wales)州シドニー(Sydney)近郊の町ヤス(Yass)にある友人宅に滞在しており、同日朝7時半ごろ、朝刊を買うために車で友人宅を出発した。
Eric Steward was staying at a friend's place in Yass, NSW, which is a town on the outskirts of Sydney. About 7.30am he departed by car from his friend's place to buy the morning newspaper.

However, at the highway Eric turned the wrong direction. At a police box in Geelong, Victoria he asked for directions, however he had already driven for more that 8 hours.

The policeman from whom Eric asked directions said "I couldn't help laughing. When I asked why he had not stopped sooner, he replied 'but I like to drive'".

"Isn't getting lost also part of the pleasure of driving?" he said buoyantly.

"I wanted to go for a drive, so I left in the car. A peaceful, quiet drive. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere. Thanks to a bit of luck, I was able to be re-united with my wife" Eric said.

Meanwhile, although his wife Clare was successful in contacting "lost child" Eric by mobile phone, afterwards she reported becoming more and more worried.

「わ たしが『何か近くに目印はある?』と尋ねたら、彼は『ああ、ウエストゲートブリッジ(Westgate Bridge)があるよ』と答えたの。それでようやく居場所が分かったのよ」と、メルボルン(Melbourne)の有名なランドマークが夫の発見につな がったことを明かした。
"When I asked 'What landmarks can you see close-by?', he answered 'Ahh, the Westgate Bridge'. From that I finally understood where he was" she said, revealing the fact that the famous Melbourne landmark had led to finding her husband.

Eric and Clare held a press conference in Melbourne on the 18th, however Eric appeared not to want the media attention. "Now I have past 80 year old, many things don't matter to me. You lot will also soon become like this".

When asked about buying a car navigation system, he jokingly replied "Why would I want such a thing? You can't get lost, can you? The fun would disappear".

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#18: 吸血ヒルは知っていた DNA鑑定で8年前の強盗立件 豪州

吸血ヒルは知っていた DNA鑑定で8年前の強盗立件 豪州
The bloodsucking leech knew: 8 year old robbery case solved using DNA evidence: Australia.

(CNN) オーストラリアで起きた強盗事件の容疑者が、ヒルに吸われた血液が決め手となって8年ぶりに検挙され、19日の公判で罪を認めた。ヒルの血で事件が解決するのは世界でも例がなさそうだという。
In a trial on the 19th, a suspect in a robbery that occurred in Australia, admitted guilt. He had been arrested after a period of 8 years and blood sucked by a leech became the deciding factor. It is said to be likely to be the first instance in the world where blood from a leech has been used to solve a case

The incident occurred in 2001 in Tasmania, an island in the south-east. Two criminals invaded the home of a 71 year old woman, tied her to a chair, took $550 and fled.

The police officer who attended the scene discovered a leech full of blood on the floor near the chair. Neither the victim nor the police officer had any bite marks, so they concluded the leech had sucked the offenders blood. They took it away, extracted the blood, and recorded the results of the DNA analysis in a database.

At that time a suspect did not surface, however last year Peter Cannon (54) was arrested for violating the Narcotics Control Law. When his DNA was examined, it matched with the blood taken from the leech in 2001. This decisive evidence enabled the police to build a case.

The defendant, Cannon, is expected to be sentenced on the 23rd. His accomplice has not been found.

Concerning using blood from a leech in a prosecution case, the Tasmanian State investigator said "I have not heard of this within Australia and even worldwide I have not heard of a precedent for this".

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#17: 世界最長のゴルフ場、ウォンバット遭遇のチャンスも

World's longest golf course, also a chance to meet a wombat

 [シドニー 5日 ロイター] 全長1365キロもある世界最長のゴルフコース「ナラーバー・リンクス」がオーストラリアに誕生し、ゴルファーに新たな挑戦の機会を与えている。

With an overall length of 1365 kms, the world's longest golf course (Nullabor Links) has been created in Australia, giving golfers the opportunity of a new challenge.


The 18 holes of this golf course are dotted over two States and par is 72 shots. The course has been built along the Eyre Highway which joins South and Western Australia, and the first tournament is planned for October 22.


The course, whose construction began in 2005, is worth playing not only for the golf. Its charm is also in being able to directly observe Australia's wild animals.

4番ホールがあ るNundrooは、ミナミケバナウォンバットがオーストラリアで最も多く生息している地域で、ゴルフ場建設のプロジェクト責任者は「カンガルーやエ ミュー、ラクダなど、ワニ以外のあらゆる野生動物を目撃できるだろう」と話した。 

Nundroo, the location of the 4th hole, is the area with the largest population of Southern Hairy Nosed wombats in Australia. A representative of the golf course construction project said "kangaroos, emus, camels, etc., in fact all wild animals, except crocodiles, can be seen I think".


The fuel cost to go around the course is approximately A$200 (about 16,000 yen), and at the 5th hole it is said that you have to be prepared to have several balls stolen by a crow.

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#16: 豪州のモーターレース、観客のビールを1日24本に制限

Australian car race, spectators limited to 24 cans of beer per day.

 [メルボルン 6日 ロイター] オーストラリアで最も人気あるモーターレースの1つ、「バサースト1000」で、観客の飲酒量に制限が設けられることになった。
At the Bathurst 1000, one of Australia's most popular car races, a limit has been set on the amount of alcohol the spectators can have.

This experiment to decrease alcohol related crime was announced by New South Wales police on the 6th of this month.

This alcohol limit applies to a race held from the 8th to the 11th in Bathurst, which is in the eastern part of New South Wales. Each spectator is limited to bringing in up to twenty four 375ml cans per day.

If low alcohol beer is chosen, up to 36 cans are allowed, in the case of wine up to 4 liters. Combinations of various types of drinks are said to be not allowed.

Police superintendent Alan Clark stated that "The police respect people's right to enjoy the weekend race. However, they will act quickly if the law is broken".

The authorities are appealing to people traveling to the race be mindful of safe driving, being careful not to speed and of fatigue.

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#15: NASA研究所、地上でネズミの空中浮揚に成功

NASA research laboratory succeeds in levitating mouse on earth
2009年 09月 11日 14:05 JST

[ロサンゼルス 10日 ロイター] 米航空宇宙局(NASA)のジェット推進研究所は10日、地上の実験装置でネズミを空中浮揚させることに成功したと明らかにした。

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory made public on the 10th of this month that they had succeeded in levitating a mouse in an earth bound experimental device.


This research is said to be possibly related to clarifying the causes of decline in bone density of astronauts in a zero-gravity environments.

この実験は、同研究所の科学者であるYuanming Liu氏らが、超伝導磁石で無重力状態を作り出す装置を使って行った。

In this experiment Yuanming Liu, together with other NASA scientists, is using superconducting magnets to produce a state of weightlessness.


From now on, the mouse will live for one week or more in the said device and the kind of effects produced on bones, etc. will be observed.


According to Mr Liu, at first if the mouse was not sedated using drugs, it would continually try to grasp at things in the device as it floated. However it was said that, after several repetitions, the mouse become able to eat and drink as it floated.

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#14: ブルガリアの宝くじ、当選番号が2回連続で同じに

Bulgarian lottery, the same winning numbers twice in a row
2009年 09月 18日 13:59 JST

  [ソフィア 17日 ロイター] ブルガリアの国営宝くじで、当選番号6つが2回連続で全く同じになるという出来事があった。不正な操作ではないかとの憶 測も流れ、スポーツ担当相が調査を命じていたが、不正は見つからず、主催者側は17日、非常に珍しい偶然だった説明した。

In Bulgaria's state run lottery, exactly the same 6 winning numbers were drawn twice in a row. Amidst a stream of speculation about whether or not there had been unfair manipulation of the process, the Sports Minister ordered an investigation, however no irregularities were found. On 17th of the month the promoter explained that it was an extremely rare coincidence.


At the televised lotteries, on the 6th and 10th of September, the numbers 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 and 42 were selected by a machine, but in a different order each time.


According to mathematician, Michail Konstantinov, the probability of having the same 6 winning numbers was less than 1 in 4 million, but he said it was not impossible.


The number of winners on the 10th of September was 18 people, which was a record. Each person received 10,164 levs (about 70,000 yen) in prize money.

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#13: 太もものサイズが寿命に関係、細ければ短命に=研究

Research shows thigh size is related to longevity, the thinner you are the shorter your life. 2009年 09月 4日 17:09 JST

[ワシントン 3日 ロイター] デンマークの研究者らが3日、太ももの細い人は、そうでない人と比べて短命になる傾向があるとの調査研究の結果を発表した。

On the 3rd of this month the results of survey based research were announced by Danish researchers and show that there is a tendency for people with thin thighs to have shorter lives when compared to those that do not.


The research, which also appeared in the English language medical journal "British Medical Journal", targeted 1,426 men and 1,380 women who participated in a large scale medical survey which was conducted in 1987 and 1988. These people were followed up over a period of more than 12 years.


Men and women with a thigh circumference of less than 60cm, were more likely to die within the 12 years than people with larger thighs. For the group with less than 46cm thigh circumference, the probability of dying is said to be even higher.


Most research announced until now has reported that health is largely effected by which part of the body fat is attached to. The relationship between waist circumference and internal organ fat has been identified.

デンマークの研究者らは、太もものサイズも同様に健康のバロメーターになる可能性があると期待している。一方、 オーストラリアのイアン・スコット医師は、今回の統計は対象が極めて限られていると指摘。太ももサイズを健康の指標と認めるためには、さらに大規模な調査 が必要だとしている。

In the same way, the Danish researchers are hoping that it is possible that thigh size too will become a barometer of health. On the other hand, Australia's Dr Ian Scott pointed out that the statistics are based on an extremely limited number of subjects. He says for thigh size to be recognised as an index of health a much larger scale study is necessary.

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#12: 日本人宇宙飛行士、2ヶ月に渡る同一下着着用実験に成功

Japanese astronaut's experiment wearing the same underwear for 2 months is a success.

2009/7/29 12:01 UTC − 国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)で4ヶ月超に渡る長期滞在ミッションを続けてきた日本人の若田光一宇宙飛行士がISS内で2ヶ月超に渡って同一の下着を着用し続けるという実験を実施し、成功を収めていたことが判った。

It is understood that Japanese astronaut, Kouichi Wakata, who spent over 4 months on a long-stay mission in the International Space Station (ISS), has successfully completed an experiment wearing the same underwear for 2 months continuously.


The research group, lead by Professor Yoshiko Taya from the Womens University of Japan, Home Economics department, Clothing course, has developed the space underwear which is said to have the special features of being antibacterial, deodourising, water absorbent, very fast drying and to not smell much or get noticeably soiled after extended periods of wearing.


At first, the schedule was put together with a 2 week estimate for the underwear experiment. However, after 2 weeks the soiling and smell were not particularly noticeable so, in accordance with astronaut Wakata's wishes, after that the experiment continued.

こ れまでISSの宇宙飛行士は3日に1度のペースで下着を交換し、使い古された下着は補給船の廃棄物コンテナに格納されて補給船が破壊的再突入する過程で焼却処理されていたが、この新下着の場合、数ヶ月に渡る連続着用が可能となるということもあり、その実験成果はNASAやESAなども高い関心を示してい る。

Up until this, the ISS astronauts changed their underwear every 3 days. The used underwear was store in the waste matter container of the re-supply ship (shuttle), and were incinerated in the destructive heat of the re-entry process. However, in the case of this new underwear, as it is said to be possible to wear them continuously for several months, NASA and ESA are showing great interest in the results of this experiment.

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#11: Ocean's Love

Ocean's Love

(This is not a strange news story, but I wanted to include it in this blog because it is a wonderful and inspiring story.

Ocean's Love とは、障害を持つ子供達にサーフィンを通じて海の素晴らしさ、海の愛、エネルギーを感じてもらって少しでも心がハッピーになってもらえたらと思うところか ら始まった活動です。

Ocean's Love is an activity that arose from the idea that the ocean's wonderfulness, love, and feeling of energy can be experienced through surfing and can bring happiness to the heart.

私の兄が障害を持っていて、以前から何か自分ができる事はないかな?と思っていた時にハワイで自閉症の子供達にサーフィンを体験して もらう活動にボランテイアとして参加した事で、これだ!と思いついたのです。

My older brother has a disability. When previously I was wondering if there was anything that I could do, in Hawaii I participated as a volunteer in an activity where autistic children were given the chance to try surfing. I realised "This was it !".

波に乗るまでは海に来て私の目さえも見れずにずっと下を向いていた子供達が、 沖にでて波に乗って岸に帰ってくると、蔓延(満面)の笑顔!もう一回、もう一回!と沖を指差す子供達を見て、サーフィンが、海がこれほどまでにも人の心を動かす力 がある事に感動しました。

Until the children rode the waves, they came to the ocean, couldn't even look me in the eye, their faces always looking down. Then after they went into the sea, rode a wave and returned to the shore, their whole faces were lit up with a smile. When I saw them pointing to the sea and saying "Once again, once again", I was deeply moved by how much effect surfing and the ocean could have on the hearts of these children.

一 人のサーファーとして私も毎日海に入っていて、海から癒してもらい、海に愛されて、海から自然の大切さ、感謝の気持 ちなど多くの事を学んでいるので、是非これを少しでも多くの人達とshareする事ができたらなんて素晴らしいんだろうと思って私は、スクールなどを開催 しています。

As a surfer, everyday I go into the ocean and receive from the ocean healing and love, and learn the importance of nature, feelings of gratitude and many other things. I think it would be wonderful if I could share these things with some more people, and so I am opening schools and activities to do this.

このOcean's Loveは、その中でも私にとっては特別な存在。なかなか海に行かれない子供達や、サーフィンというものさえ知らない子供達。最初は日本でも初の試みで不安でいっぱいでしたが、多くの人の支えがあり今年でもう5年目。

Among these activities, Ocean's Love is special to me. These children cannot easily go into the ocean and some do not even know what surfing is. When I first started to experiment with this activity in Japan I was full of anxiety, but with the support of many people, this year is the 5th time it has been held.

今では、毎年多くの子供達の笑顔から沢山の元気をもらい、毎回子供達から沢山の事を学ばさ せてもらっています。

Now, every year I receive great energy from the smiling faces of the children, and every time I am taught so much by them.

私の目標は、全国でOcean's Loveを開催する事!です。一人でも多くの子供に海の素晴らしさ、サーフィンの楽しさを知って頂ける様に。

My target is to have Ocean's Love events all around the country! So that more and more children can come to know the wonderfulness of the ocean and the enjoyment of surfing.

Ocean's Love アンジェラ・マキ
Angela Maki

Link to original article

(If you would like to help Angela with an Ocean's Love event in Japan, please express your interest to volunteer using the following link, http://www.wingup-pt.com/oceanslove/volunteer.html. The next event is to be held near Chigasaki city on Saturday, 19/9/2009, which is only a few weeks away.)

(皆さん、アンジェラの Ocean's Love エベントでボランテイアとして手伝う事が出来れば、このリンクでお申し込みしてください、http://www.wingup-pt.com/oceanslove/volunteer.html。次のエベントは茅ヶ崎ボードウオーク付近(駐車場があります)で 9月19日(土) に行います が、後数週間しかありません。)


#10: 病気に成りました

#10: 病気に成りました。
We are sick.

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately Judy and I have been a bit sick with the flu over the last few weeks and so have not been able to make a new blog postings or podcast.

However, we are now recovering, so perhaps from next week、or the week after, we will be able to start again.

Chris and Judy


#9: ドバイ発ラクダのミルク入りチョコ、日本進出も視野

Dubai produces camel milk chocolate, plans to expand to Japan
2009年 07月 22日 13:38 JST

 [ドバイ 21日 ロイター] ラクダの乳を使用したチョコレートを世界で初めて作ったドバイのアル・ナスマが21日、中東諸国や欧州、米国、日本への進出を計画していることを明らかにした。

The world's first producer of chocolate made using camel milk, Dubai's Al Nassma, disclosed on the 21 July that they plan to expand to the Middle East, Europe, USA and Japan.


According to the company's Martin Van Almsick, first they will market to Saudi Arabia, within a few months they plan to expand into markets in Bahrain, Qatar, Quwait and USA. Negotiations are also progressing for selling in the long-established English department store, Harrods, and in specialist chocolate stores in San Francisco. They are exploring the possibility of opening a branch office in Japan where the demand for chocolate is high.


The company, which was established in October last year, is aiming to produce 100 tons of high grade camel milk chocolate each year. The number of camels being raised is 3,000. Apart from the chocolate sold at the shop established on the farm, they also service luxury hotels and in-flight snacks on private airlines.


It was said that the product is free from preservatives and chemical additives, and various locally popular spices, nuts, honey etc. are added.


#8: 今年もか!長崎・対馬沖で大量のエチゼンクラゲ

This year too? A large number of Nomura jellyfish in the sea around Tsushima, Nagasaki.
2009年7月8日09時15分 読売新聞


Large numbers of Nomura (also known as Echizen) jellyfish, which cause serious damage to the fishing industry by entering nets etc., have been discovered in the sea near Nagasaki. There is rising fear that, for the first time in 3 years, that an enormous group will drift into the sea near Tottori prefecture, so on 7 July both the prefecture fishery cooperative and the Sakai marine preservation department joined together for a meeting to discuss emergency counter-measures.


In the past, trawlers, having started to haul up their nets, have capsized due to the weight of the jellyfish. However, no "sure-fire" way has been found to prevent this damage. A fisherman, filled with trepidation, said "Continuing on from last year's fuel price rise, this year we have jellyfish?"


At today's meeting there were representatives from the fishery cooperative, employees from the marine products laboratory, the chief of the Tottori prefecture marine preservation department and others, in all about 20 people attended. The person in charge reported that this month, in the sea around Tsushima, it was confirmed that on some days there were up to 2,000 Nomura jellyfish with heads 15 to 30cm in diameter. There is a fear that, after riding the ocean current, in the sea off Tottori prefecture in August and September there will be a large number drifting about. By that time, they will have grown to 80 - 100 cm and weigh 100-200kg.


The last time there was an outbreak of large numbers of Nomura jellyfish was in 2005/06. The fixed fishing nets in the prefecture also incurred serious damage. The prefecture Coastal Trawler Cooperative president, Mr Hideo Namakashi, looking back on that time, said that "Even for fishing trawlers, it was difficult to search for an area of sea which did not have jellyfish. Even if the nets could be raised, it took time to remove the jellyfish, the fish were damaged, so it did not amount to a catch".


In August 2002 in the sea near Iwami village an accident occurred where, a large number of jellyfish were in a trawlers net, the weight made the small boat capsize, the captain was thrown into the sea and it took about 4 hours for him to be rescued.


At the meeting several counter-measures were introduced, to slice the jellyfish by pulling a net made from wire between two boats, or to guide the fish into a fixed net, then make the mesh of the net larger and let the jellyfish slip through.


However, apart from the wire net damaging the boat's hull when in use, a weakness of the cruise designed to exterminate the jellyfish would be the large fuel costs. Also, an improved net with large mesh would, after all, reduce the catch, so it was said that it would be difficult to progress its uptake.


The cause of the outbreak is not well understood, but it is pointed out that China's economic development has led to increases in chemical nutrients, and the like, in the East China Sea. The prefecture fisheries department is "supporting the spread of improved nets and by assisting with processing costs wants to reduce the burden on fishermen".

Link to original article


#7: 風船に婚約指輪を忍ばせた男性、風で指輪ごと失う

Man who hid engagement ring in balloon, loses it in gust of wind.
2008年 03月 16日 14:18 JST

[ロンドン 14日 ロイター] 恋人にプロポーズしようとしたロンドン在住の男性(28)が、婚約指輪をヘリウムガスの入った風船の中に隠したところ、突風で風船が飛ばされ、指輪ごと失ってしまうという出来事があった。

A 28 year old London man having decided to propose to his sweetheart, hid the engagement ring inside a helium filled balloon, whereupon a sudden gust of wind cause the balloon to fly off. This reported incident resulted in the ring being lost.


The man commented in the local newspaper on the 14th March that "I could only watch as it flew high up into the sky". He also said "even though I had paid a lot of money for it, I was a big idiot. I also knew my girlfriend would give me a severe tongue lashing over this".


His plan was supposed to be that he would hand her a pin, she would pop the balloon, discover the ring and then he would propose to her. The man "had to tell her what had happened, she was very angry and she is not talking to me until I buy her a new ring".

Link to original article in Japanese


#6: オタマジャクシ:空から大量に 石川で奇妙な現象相次ぐ

オタマジャクシ:空から大量に 石川で奇妙な現象相次ぐ
Tadpoles: large numbers fall from the sky, a strange phenomenon continues in Ishikawa.
(毎日 新聞 2009年6月9日 19時34分)

In Ishikawa prefecture at the beginning of this month, the strange phenomenon of large numbers of tadpoles falling from the sky could be seen occurring one after another.

There have been reported cases of fish being sucked up in waterspouts, however this time the weather conditions have not been suitable for producing waterspouts and so the authorities are scratching their heads.

In the same prefecture in Nanao city's Nakashima Citizen Center car park, at about 4:35pm on the 4th of the month, a male staff member found about 100 dead tadpoles 2-3cm long scattered about on the ground and on top of cars.

It was said that the wind was gentle and the staff member noticed a sound like "bata bata".

On the 6th of the month at about 7.30am, 40 were discovered around a private home in Hakusan city in the same prefecture.

Nobuko Ishikawa (75), who lives in the house, said "some were smashed, it was not wet around the area. I felt as though I was being tricked".

Both places were close to water filled rice fields. According to the Kanazawa region meteorological observatory both days were cloudy and so the weather conditions were not said to be suitable for the occurrence of waterspouts.

"Even if sucked up, it should not have only been tadpoles, but similar sized rubbish and the like, should also have rained down" it was reported doubtfully.

On the other hand, it was pointed out that is was possible that a bird may have dropped the tadpoles. According to the duck pond observatory in Kaga city in the same prefecture, heron and crows eat tadpoles and when they are feeding them to their young or when their enemies get close they vomit them up.

However "soft tadpoles are digested quickly, so it is difficult to believe they would come out in their original form" they said.

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#5: ポピー畑に謎のサークル 原因はワラビーの奇行

ポピー畑に謎のサークル, 原因はワラビーの奇行
Mysterious circles in poppy fields, caused by wallaby eccentricities

Mysterious circles have appeared in poppy fields managed by the Tasmanian government. Whilst there is excited talk about UFOs, the local opinion has become that the offenders are wild wallabies.

It was known that stray wallabies in State government controlled poppy fields, eat the poppy seed heads and display strange behaviour. Recently the talk has been that the circle patterns appearing in the fields are the tracks of such wallabies, jumping round and round in circles.

Rick Rockliff, field operation manager for local poppy producer Tasmania Alkaloids, said that it was well known that in the same place previously livestock such as sheep, cows and deer had strayed onto poppy producing land, eaten the seed heads and shown strange behaviour.

In the state's poppy fields in one year 17 cases of stealing occurred and it was recorded that 2280 poppy seed heads were stolen, as a result misgivings are being voiced about the problem of guarding the poppies.

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#4: 最も利用されている情報源はインターネット=調査

Survey finds internet is most used source of information.
2009年 06月 18日 14:17 JST
 [ニューヨーク 17日 ロイター] 情報源としてのインターネットは他メディアに比べて人気が最も高く、テレビや新聞よりもネット上でニュースを見る人が多いことが米国の調査で分かった。
A USA survey found that the internet is the most popular information source compared to other media and that the more people use the net to access news than use television or newpapers.

On the other hand, another result showed that the social networking sites (SNS), Face Book, My Space, Twitter and others, do not form more than a small part of the useful information sources used by adults.

In a survey conducted by research company, Zogby Interactive, more than half the people responded that they would choose the internet if they could only choose one information source. 21% would choose television and 10% would choose newspapers or radio.

The people who answered that SNS were an important source of information were limited to 10%, and only 4% of people got their information from the Twitter (which causes trouble to the media?).

About 40% of people answered that the internet was the most reliable or trustworth source of information, this greatly exceed the 17% who selected television, 16% newspapers and 13% radio.

Among the 3030 adults who participated in the online survey, roughly half answered that they highly regarded websites of newspaper companies and 43% used the websites of television stations.

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#3: 慶応大チームがサルの遺伝子組み換え成功、霊長類で初

Keiou University team succeeds in gene exchange, a first in primates.
2009年 05月 28日 15:34 JST
[ワシントン 27日 ロイター] 慶応大医学部の研究チームが27日、遺伝子組み換え技術を使って、特殊なライトを当てると毛根、皮ふ、血液が緑色に 光るサルの作成と、そのサルから同じ遺伝子を受け継ぐ次世代の子の作成に成功したと発表した。ヒトが属する霊長類での成功は初めて。
On the 27th it was announced that, a research team from Keiou University's medical faculty, had used a gene exchange technique to produce a monkey whose hair roots, skin and blood glow green under a special light. In addition they have succeeded in producing the next generation which inherited the same gene. It is the first time this has been successfully done in primates, a group which includes humans

The team of Dr Erika Sasaki and Dr Hideyuki Okano used a virus to insert a gene for a green fluorescent protein (GFP), which had been extracted from a jellyfish, into the fertilised egg of a common marmoset monkey.

The result was that four of the monkeys that were born had the gene throughout their bodies. It was reported that one of these fathered a monkey that carried the same gene to a 2nd generation.

The research team hope that this success will be useful in the study of Parkinson's disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

The details of the research will appear in an issue of English science magazine "Nature" to be published on the 28th.

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#2: オーストラリアの景気対策、死者にも給付金支払い

Australian economic measure, even the dead receive payments.
2009年 05月 28日 16:05 JST

[キャンベラ 28日 ロイター] オーストラリア政府による景気刺激策で、すでに亡くなった人や海外在住者にも給付金が支払われていることが分かった。政府が28日明らかにした。
According to the Australian government, it has realised that people who were already dead or living overseas were paid a benefit as part of its business stimulus measure. This was revealed by the government on the 28th.

In Australia, which is falling into recession and where the employment situation is growing worse, the government as part of its economic measure plans to spend a total of A$52 billion (about 3.9 trillion Yen) in special grants. These payments started in September last year.

The intended recipients of the payments were taxpayers, with a focus on households with children and old people. However it was reported that, 16,000 dead people where paid a total of A$14 million (1 billion Yen) and 25,000 people living overseas received A$25 million (1.8 billion Yen).

Finance minister, Mr Tanner, said on local televison "Even though payments had been made to dead people, it would naturally go to their estate". His point of view remained that these payments would be worthwhile and contribute to economic activity.

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#1: ロシアで「犬や猫に育てられた」5歳の少女、警察が保護。

In Russia a 5 year old girl has been "raised by cats and dogs", police take into care.

2009年 05月 28日 12:50 JST

[モスクワ 27日 ロイター] ロシアの警察当局は27日、生まれた直後から犬や猫とともにアパートに閉じ込められ、ロシア語を全く話せない5歳の少女を、東シベリアのチタで保護したと発表した。
On the 27th, Russian police announced they had taken into care a 5 year old girl in Chita, Siberia. The girl, who cannot speak any Russian, had been shut up in an apartment with cats and dogs since soon after she was born.

A police spokesman explained that "over a period of 5 years the girl has been 'raised' by several dogs and cats, never once going outside".

It was also stated that, "her clothes were dirty and her body never washed. It was evident that she had animal like characteristics, like jumping at humans".

The apartment was said to have no heating, water or sewerage services.

According to police, the girl, whose name is Natasha, will be observed by a psychologist and put in the care of a children's home.

The girl, who is immature for her age (she looks to be about 2 years old) , refuses to eat food with a spoon.

It is reported that she shows many of the same gestures as the animals she lived with.

Her mother is undergoing investigation, but her father has not yet been found.