#12: 日本人宇宙飛行士、2ヶ月に渡る同一下着着用実験に成功

Japanese astronaut's experiment wearing the same underwear for 2 months is a success.

2009/7/29 12:01 UTC − 国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)で4ヶ月超に渡る長期滞在ミッションを続けてきた日本人の若田光一宇宙飛行士がISS内で2ヶ月超に渡って同一の下着を着用し続けるという実験を実施し、成功を収めていたことが判った。

It is understood that Japanese astronaut, Kouichi Wakata, who spent over 4 months on a long-stay mission in the International Space Station (ISS), has successfully completed an experiment wearing the same underwear for 2 months continuously.


The research group, lead by Professor Yoshiko Taya from the Womens University of Japan, Home Economics department, Clothing course, has developed the space underwear which is said to have the special features of being antibacterial, deodourising, water absorbent, very fast drying and to not smell much or get noticeably soiled after extended periods of wearing.


At first, the schedule was put together with a 2 week estimate for the underwear experiment. However, after 2 weeks the soiling and smell were not particularly noticeable so, in accordance with astronaut Wakata's wishes, after that the experiment continued.

こ れまでISSの宇宙飛行士は3日に1度のペースで下着を交換し、使い古された下着は補給船の廃棄物コンテナに格納されて補給船が破壊的再突入する過程で焼却処理されていたが、この新下着の場合、数ヶ月に渡る連続着用が可能となるということもあり、その実験成果はNASAやESAなども高い関心を示してい る。

Up until this, the ISS astronauts changed their underwear every 3 days. The used underwear was store in the waste matter container of the re-supply ship (shuttle), and were incinerated in the destructive heat of the re-entry process. However, in the case of this new underwear, as it is said to be possible to wear them continuously for several months, NASA and ESA are showing great interest in the results of this experiment.

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#11: Ocean's Love

Ocean's Love

(This is not a strange news story, but I wanted to include it in this blog because it is a wonderful and inspiring story.

Ocean's Love とは、障害を持つ子供達にサーフィンを通じて海の素晴らしさ、海の愛、エネルギーを感じてもらって少しでも心がハッピーになってもらえたらと思うところか ら始まった活動です。

Ocean's Love is an activity that arose from the idea that the ocean's wonderfulness, love, and feeling of energy can be experienced through surfing and can bring happiness to the heart.

私の兄が障害を持っていて、以前から何か自分ができる事はないかな?と思っていた時にハワイで自閉症の子供達にサーフィンを体験して もらう活動にボランテイアとして参加した事で、これだ!と思いついたのです。

My older brother has a disability. When previously I was wondering if there was anything that I could do, in Hawaii I participated as a volunteer in an activity where autistic children were given the chance to try surfing. I realised "This was it !".

波に乗るまでは海に来て私の目さえも見れずにずっと下を向いていた子供達が、 沖にでて波に乗って岸に帰ってくると、蔓延(満面)の笑顔!もう一回、もう一回!と沖を指差す子供達を見て、サーフィンが、海がこれほどまでにも人の心を動かす力 がある事に感動しました。

Until the children rode the waves, they came to the ocean, couldn't even look me in the eye, their faces always looking down. Then after they went into the sea, rode a wave and returned to the shore, their whole faces were lit up with a smile. When I saw them pointing to the sea and saying "Once again, once again", I was deeply moved by how much effect surfing and the ocean could have on the hearts of these children.

一 人のサーファーとして私も毎日海に入っていて、海から癒してもらい、海に愛されて、海から自然の大切さ、感謝の気持 ちなど多くの事を学んでいるので、是非これを少しでも多くの人達とshareする事ができたらなんて素晴らしいんだろうと思って私は、スクールなどを開催 しています。

As a surfer, everyday I go into the ocean and receive from the ocean healing and love, and learn the importance of nature, feelings of gratitude and many other things. I think it would be wonderful if I could share these things with some more people, and so I am opening schools and activities to do this.

このOcean's Loveは、その中でも私にとっては特別な存在。なかなか海に行かれない子供達や、サーフィンというものさえ知らない子供達。最初は日本でも初の試みで不安でいっぱいでしたが、多くの人の支えがあり今年でもう5年目。

Among these activities, Ocean's Love is special to me. These children cannot easily go into the ocean and some do not even know what surfing is. When I first started to experiment with this activity in Japan I was full of anxiety, but with the support of many people, this year is the 5th time it has been held.

今では、毎年多くの子供達の笑顔から沢山の元気をもらい、毎回子供達から沢山の事を学ばさ せてもらっています。

Now, every year I receive great energy from the smiling faces of the children, and every time I am taught so much by them.

私の目標は、全国でOcean's Loveを開催する事!です。一人でも多くの子供に海の素晴らしさ、サーフィンの楽しさを知って頂ける様に。

My target is to have Ocean's Love events all around the country! So that more and more children can come to know the wonderfulness of the ocean and the enjoyment of surfing.

Ocean's Love アンジェラ・マキ
Angela Maki

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(If you would like to help Angela with an Ocean's Love event in Japan, please express your interest to volunteer using the following link, http://www.wingup-pt.com/oceanslove/volunteer.html. The next event is to be held near Chigasaki city on Saturday, 19/9/2009, which is only a few weeks away.)

(皆さん、アンジェラの Ocean's Love エベントでボランテイアとして手伝う事が出来れば、このリンクでお申し込みしてください、http://www.wingup-pt.com/oceanslove/volunteer.html。次のエベントは茅ヶ崎ボードウオーク付近(駐車場があります)で 9月19日(土) に行います が、後数週間しかありません。)


#10: 病気に成りました

#10: 病気に成りました。
We are sick.

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately Judy and I have been a bit sick with the flu over the last few weeks and so have not been able to make a new blog postings or podcast.

However, we are now recovering, so perhaps from next week、or the week after, we will be able to start again.

Chris and Judy