#19: ドライブ中に道に迷って600キロ、8時間走り続けた81歳男性

After getting lost whilst on a drive, an 81 year old man continues for 8 hours and 600km.

2009年11月19日 17:50 発信地:メルボルン/オーストラリア

【11 月19日 AFP】オーストラリアで16日、車で朝刊を買いに出た81歳の男性が道に迷い、警察に道を尋ねるまで実に8時間、距離にして600キロ近くを走り続けたという珍事件があった。
In Australia on 16 November a strange event happened. An 81 year old man, who took the car to buy the morning paper, got lost and actually did not stop driving for 8 hours which, in terms of distance, was close to 600km, before asking the police for directions.

When asked why he didn't stop the car at the point when he knew he was lost, his answer was "because I like to drive".

 エリック・スチュワード(Eric Steward)さんは、ニューサウスウェールズ(New South Wales)州シドニー(Sydney)近郊の町ヤス(Yass)にある友人宅に滞在しており、同日朝7時半ごろ、朝刊を買うために車で友人宅を出発した。
Eric Steward was staying at a friend's place in Yass, NSW, which is a town on the outskirts of Sydney. About 7.30am he departed by car from his friend's place to buy the morning newspaper.

However, at the highway Eric turned the wrong direction. At a police box in Geelong, Victoria he asked for directions, however he had already driven for more that 8 hours.

The policeman from whom Eric asked directions said "I couldn't help laughing. When I asked why he had not stopped sooner, he replied 'but I like to drive'".

"Isn't getting lost also part of the pleasure of driving?" he said buoyantly.

"I wanted to go for a drive, so I left in the car. A peaceful, quiet drive. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere. Thanks to a bit of luck, I was able to be re-united with my wife" Eric said.

Meanwhile, although his wife Clare was successful in contacting "lost child" Eric by mobile phone, afterwards she reported becoming more and more worried.

「わ たしが『何か近くに目印はある?』と尋ねたら、彼は『ああ、ウエストゲートブリッジ(Westgate Bridge)があるよ』と答えたの。それでようやく居場所が分かったのよ」と、メルボルン(Melbourne)の有名なランドマークが夫の発見につな がったことを明かした。
"When I asked 'What landmarks can you see close-by?', he answered 'Ahh, the Westgate Bridge'. From that I finally understood where he was" she said, revealing the fact that the famous Melbourne landmark had led to finding her husband.

Eric and Clare held a press conference in Melbourne on the 18th, however Eric appeared not to want the media attention. "Now I have past 80 year old, many things don't matter to me. You lot will also soon become like this".

When asked about buying a car navigation system, he jokingly replied "Why would I want such a thing? You can't get lost, can you? The fun would disappear".

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#18: 吸血ヒルは知っていた DNA鑑定で8年前の強盗立件 豪州

吸血ヒルは知っていた DNA鑑定で8年前の強盗立件 豪州
The bloodsucking leech knew: 8 year old robbery case solved using DNA evidence: Australia.

(CNN) オーストラリアで起きた強盗事件の容疑者が、ヒルに吸われた血液が決め手となって8年ぶりに検挙され、19日の公判で罪を認めた。ヒルの血で事件が解決するのは世界でも例がなさそうだという。
In a trial on the 19th, a suspect in a robbery that occurred in Australia, admitted guilt. He had been arrested after a period of 8 years and blood sucked by a leech became the deciding factor. It is said to be likely to be the first instance in the world where blood from a leech has been used to solve a case

The incident occurred in 2001 in Tasmania, an island in the south-east. Two criminals invaded the home of a 71 year old woman, tied her to a chair, took $550 and fled.

The police officer who attended the scene discovered a leech full of blood on the floor near the chair. Neither the victim nor the police officer had any bite marks, so they concluded the leech had sucked the offenders blood. They took it away, extracted the blood, and recorded the results of the DNA analysis in a database.

At that time a suspect did not surface, however last year Peter Cannon (54) was arrested for violating the Narcotics Control Law. When his DNA was examined, it matched with the blood taken from the leech in 2001. This decisive evidence enabled the police to build a case.

The defendant, Cannon, is expected to be sentenced on the 23rd. His accomplice has not been found.

Concerning using blood from a leech in a prosecution case, the Tasmanian State investigator said "I have not heard of this within Australia and even worldwide I have not heard of a precedent for this".

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