#29: カールスバーグの従業員、職場でのビール制限に抗議してスト

Carlsburg workers strike in protest over workplace beer restrictions
2010年 04月 9日 12:25 JST

[コペンハーゲン 8日 ロイター] デンマークの大手ビール会社、カールスバーグの倉庫作業員とドライバーら数百人が8日、職場でビールを飲む 機会を昼休みだけに限定した会社の決定に抗議し、2日目のストライキを行っている。
On Thursday, April 8, several hundred warehouse labourers and truck drivers from Danish major beer company, Carlsberg, stayed on strike for a 2nd day. They are protesting a company decision that limits the chance to drink beer to lunch time only.

広報担当のJens Bekke氏によると、同社は4月1日に新たな規則を導入。
According to public relations spokesman, Jens Bekke, the company introduced the new rule on the April 1.

これまでは社内の冷蔵庫に水やソフトドリンクのほかビールも完備されていたが、7日になってす べての冷蔵庫からビールがなくなっていたという。He said that up until this, the company refrigerators had been full of water, soft drinks and beer, but on April 7 the beer disappeared from all the fridges

Bekke氏は、トラック運転手には昼休み以外に1日3本までビールを飲む権利が以前に与えられており、倉庫作業員も同様の権利を主張してストを 行っていると述べた。
Bekke stated that the truck drivers had previously been given the right to have 3 beers a day outside lunch time and the warehouse labourers claimed the same right and went on strike.

He added that about 250 workers were participating in the 2nd day of the strike.

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#28: お聞きの皆さんに会いたいです

We want to meet the listeners

Judy and I will be traveling in Japan from late September to the end of October.
ジュ ディと僕は9月下旬から10月の終わりまで日本で旅行します。

At that time we would like to meet some of you who listen to the podcast.
その時は、ポッドキャストをお聞きの皆さんの中、何人かに会いた いと思います。

If you would like to meet us, please contact us via email (chris@raymonds.net.au) or via a comment on the blog (http://okashi-na-news-de.blogspot.com).
もし私たちに会っても良いと思ったら、メール (chris@raymonds.net.au)またはブログ(http://okashi-na-news-de.blogspot.com)にコメン トを介して、連絡して下さい。

The itinerary for our trip is not firmly set, but we will probably do a big loop from Tokyo down to Kyushu via Shikoku, back up to Nikko and back down to Tokyo.
旅の旅程をしっかりと決めていませんが、おそらく東京から四 国経由で九州に行って、それから日光へ行って、東京に戻ります。

So if you contact us, we can probably arrange to meet you at a coffee shop, restaurant or mall in your town or area.
だから連絡を貰えれば、町や地域のコーヒーショップ、レストランやショッピングモールでお会いする予定が立 てられると思います。

We would also like to make a podcast together when we meet. The questions we would ask are written below. You could answer in English or Japanese. If you answered in Japanese, I would translate into English for Judy.
また、一緒にポッドキャストを作りたいと思います。聞きたい質問は下に書いてあります。答えは英語 でも日本語でもいいです。日本語の場合、僕がジュディの為に英語に通訳します。

Podcast questions

What is you online or real name?

How did you find out about "おかしなニュースで英語を勉強しよう" podcast?

Which is your favourite episode and why?

Why are you studying English?

What is your occupation?

What do you like to do in your free time?


#27: 婚活ブームの中、東京に「結婚予備校」が誕生

Marriage preparation school opens in Tokyo during "spouse hunting" boom
2010年 03月 12日 14:59 JST

 [東京 11日  ロイター] 自分にふさわしい結婚相手を探すいわゆる「婚活」がブームとして広がる中、東京都内に新たに「結婚予備校」が誕生した。
During the spread of the "konkatsu" boom, or spouse-hunting activities, a marriage preparation school has opened in Tokyo.

 「青山結婚予備校 インフィニス クール」では、結婚を希望する男女に、パートナーやその両親に好印象を与えるための話し方や歩き方、自分を優雅に演出する方法などを教授。
At Aoyama Marriage Prepation School, Infini, men and women hoping to get married are instructed in how to talk, walk and be elegant for the purpose of making a good impression on potential partners and their parents.

Within the course they also have classes where, after doing a date simulation, the lecturer gives advice on what they should do to improve.

 同校 によると、先月に開校して以降、受講生は女性が約30人、男性もほぼ同数が入学登録をしたが、実際に授業に出席しているのは圧倒的に女性が多い。女性受講 者の平均年齢は30歳となっている。
According to the school, since it opened last month about 30 women have attended classes. About the same number of men also enrolled but in reality the overwelming majority of class attendees have been women. The average age of women participating is 30 years old.

The annual fee to attend this school is 200,000 yen (US$2,217), including both enrolment and ongoing fees.

According to government statistics, currently, close to two-thirds of women aged less than 34 are not married.

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#26: ロシアのチンパンジー、喫煙と飲酒のリハビリ施設に入所

Russian chimp admitted to drinking and smoking rehabilitation facility
2010年 03月 1日 07:12 JST

 [モスクワ 26日 ロイター] ロシアの動物園で飼育されていたチンパンジーが、喫煙と飲酒の癖を矯正するため、リハビリテーション施設に入れられた。26日付の現地紙コムソモリスカヤ・プラウダが報じた。
A chimp used for breeding at a Russian zoo has been admitted to a rehabilitation facility to remedy his smoking and drinking habits. This was reported in the local Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper on the 26th.

According to the news story, Zhora the chimp, who was previously a circus performer, was used for breeding at a zoo in the western Russian city of Rostov and, apart from drawing pictures, also acquired a taste for beer and tobacco.

Zhora became a father at that zoo, however it is reported that now he has been forced into rehabilitation treatment at Kazan, about 800 kilometres east of Moscow.

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#25: ネット上の恋人探し、世界中で受け入れられる傾向=調査

Survey finds trend toward worldwide acceptance of searching for a partner on the internet
2010年 02月 16日 15:27 JST

 [ロンドン 15日 ロイター] 英BBCワールドサービスが世界19カ国のインターネット利用者1万0976人を対象に実施した調査で、インターネットが恋人探しに適した場所だと回答した人が全体の30%に上ったことが分かった。
The BBC World Service has found, in a survey of 10,976 internet users in 19 countries, that the number of people that agreed that the internet is a suitable place to search for a partner has grown to 30%.

In particular, in India and Pakistan the proportion is higher, comprising 59% and 60% of respondents respectively. The figures for Ghana (47%) and Phillipines (42%) were high, however those for the USA (21%), South Korea (16%), England (28%) and France (27%) were comparatively low.

Also, looking at educational levels, amongst University graduates those who answered that the internet was a good place to search for a partner was limited to 28%, which was low compared to 36% for people who had not graduated from high school.

 BBCの委託を受けて実際に調査を行った国際調査機関グローブスキャンのサ ム・マウントフォード氏は「多くの人々、特に発展途上国の人々にとって、インターネットは仕事や買い物、友人との交流の場だけではなく、人生のパートナー を探すための確かな方法になっている」と述べた。
Sam Mountford from the international polling firm GlobeScan, who conducted the survey for the BBC, said that "for many people, and particularly for those from developing countries, the internet is not only a place for work, shopping and interacting with friends, but is also becoming a credible way of searching for a life partner".

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#24: 死期を知らす猫 :オスカーという猫の1日

死期を知らす猫 :オスカーという猫の1日
A cat who knows the time of death: A Day in the Life of Oscar the Cat
N Engl J Med Volume 357:328-329 July 26, 2007 Number 4

Oscar the cat, ever since he began to be used as a staff member when he was only a kitten, has possessed a strange ability to predict the death of residents.

“Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center”というナーシングホーム・リハビリテーションセンターで、25名を超える住居人の死を見送った。
At a nursing home and rehabilitation center called the “Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center”, he has watched over the death of more than 25 of the residents.

For the doctors and nursing staff his appearance is regarded as a near absolute indicator of imminent death, and so is useful for informing the patient's family that death will be soon.

Oscar also carries out the role of preventing patients from dying alone. Oscars work is held in high regard by the doctors, staff and families of the residents.

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#23: ペットの猫、犬を主人公に子供向けの本執筆=豪首相

Australian Prime Minister writes children's book with his pet cat and dog as the main characters.

【シドニー3日AFP=時事】仕事熱心ぶりで知られるオーストラリアのラッド首相が、 多忙な公務の間を縫って子供向けの本を執筆した。一家で飼っているペットの猫と犬の冒険物語で、26日の建国記念日「オーストラリア・デー」に発売予定。
Prime Minister Rudd, who is known for his work ethic, has managed to make time to write a children's book, despite his high pressure public duties. It is the story of the adventures of the family cat and dog, and is planned for release on the 26th, "Australia Day" (National Foundation Day).

Part of the proceeds of the book sales will be donated to a children's charity, a spokeperson made public on 3rd January.

本は豪州の子供向けテレビ番組で有名な俳優リース・マル ドゥーン氏との共著。題名は「ジャスパー、アビーとオーストラリア・デー騒動」で、猫のジャスパーと犬のアビーがキャンベラにある公邸敷地内で繰り広げる 冒険を描いた。
The book was co-authored with Rhys Muldoon, an actor famous through Australian children's television programs. The book is titled "Jasper and Abbey and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle"
and describes an adventure of Jasper the cat and Abbey the dog as it unfolds in the grounds of the official residence in Canberra.

ラッド首相は本の執筆のためマルドゥーン氏とともに、両ペットに「インタビューした」と語っている。 〔AFP=時事〕
Prime Minister Rudd said that for the purpose of writing the book both he and Ms Muldoon "interviewed" both pets.

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Uninvited guests crash White House dinner party
2009年 11月 28日 15:57 JST

 [ワシントン 27日 ロイター] 米バージニア州在住の夫婦が今週、幾重もの警備をくぐり抜けて、米ホワイトハウスで開催された公式晩餐会の来客を出迎える人の列に加わり、オバマ米大統領など要人に会っていったことが分かった。ホワイトハウスが27日に明らかにした。
This week a couple, who are residents of the American State of Virginia, passed through several layers of security and joined the receiving line of an official dinner being held at the White House. It is understood they met President Obama and other important people. This was made public by the White House on the 27th November.

 ホワイトハウスは大統領警護隊 (シークレット・サービス)に全面的な調査を要請。シークレット・サービスは、インドのシン首相夫妻に敬意を表して開かれた晩餐会で起きたセキュリティー 違反について、包括的な見直しを行っており、マーク・サリバン・ディレクターは「シークレット・サービスは24日の公式晩餐会をめぐる状況を深く懸念し、 恥ずかしいと感じている」と声明で述べた。
The White House has demanded from the Secret Service a extensive investigation. The Secret Service will perform a comprehensive review of the security breach which occurred at a dinner in honour of Indian Prime Minister Singh and his wife. Director Mark Sullivan declared that "The Secret Service are deeply concerned about the circumstances surrounding the official dinner on the 24th and we feel embarrassed."

Director Sullivan explained a preliminary investigation had established that appropriate procedures had been neglected at an initial checkpoint. This couple went through magnetometers and other checks, but should not have been permitted to enter the dinner party hall.

The dinner party "gate crasher" couple published photos of themselves photographed together with American Vice President Biden, CBS television anchor woman Katie Coric and others, on the major American Social Networking Site, Facebook.

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